Приложение/Програма планиране лични финанси, домашен и семеен бюджет. Управлявайте личните си финанси както никога досега! Организирайте личните си финанси и семеен/домашен бюджет. Организирайте месечния си бюджет. Планирайте предстоящите разходи и определете бюджет за отделните сметки и харчове през месеца


Обмении курсове на Българска Народна Банка БНБ. Валутни курсове. Валутни обменни курсове на БНБ. Курс Евро. Курс Долар. Курс купува. Курс продава. Евро. Долар. Обменни курсове купува/продава. Фиксинг БНБ.

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Organize your monthly budget. Plan your future spendings and set a budget for the various expenditures for the month.

  • Have you ever asked yourself: "Where did all my money go"?
  • Have you received a bill you have completely forgotten about?
  • Ever wanted to save some money and never actually doing it because money has just vanished into thin air?
  • And this credit card... what's going on with my balance and what did I pay last month?
It will be so much easier if you could plan your expenses based on the previous months' payments and thus set the right amount for the current month.

... and if you don't have to remember all those payment deadlines.

With MyHomeBills you register your monthly bills and the deadline for their payment; plan the different expenditures so that you can set the right sum for them; compare planned with actually paid sums; add details to each expenditure.

Your expenses will be automatically categorised by keywords (e.g. "phone", "electricity", "internet", "savings", etc.) Thus, you get summarised information on how much you have spent for the previous months on the respective item, highest and lowest sum paid, as well as average others have spent on the same item.

It is so easy to do all that, because MyHomeBills brings it down to a simple spreadsheet editing, as if it is just an office document.
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